Anyone else getting slightly embarrassed at the number of deliveries they receive?!


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not impressed.....
Jun 24, 2008
I just received my latest delivery from Rocks and instead of the delivery man greeting me with his usual, cheery "Good morning!", I opened the door and he said, " You must have just about finished all your Christmas shopping by now!"
Cue red face!!!
The surly beggar from the Delivery Company throws my stuff at me so no embarrassment there just my cheery "Hello - thank you" left floating in mid air when he stomps off :18:
Mine is a very cheery young black guy, who's always smiling and has a big gappy grin!! He said yesterday, "I'm getting to be a regular here", to which I replied "Yes, and you'll be back again tomorrow!!"

My postie's a cute blonde guy, he usually makes a comment about the amount of parcels i receive, I just say a girls got to have a hobby..... LOL
:11:I always put a note for my delivery to be put through my porch window if I'm not home so i don't always see mine
But one day he did come into the shop where i work and straight away said oh i've just been to your house, if I knew you worked here i could of dropped it off here for you .
I said no thats alright I'd rather you didnt thanks( gawd i would'nt want my co-workers knowing how often he calls on me) lol:11::11::11:
My delivery driver and my other half have become quite friendly due to the amount of parcels I have been getting lol

He's contemplating inviting him to our Christmas Eve party .....I said he can only come if he brings sparklies with him *GRIN*
No have not got embarassed yet but I did get a surprise this afternoon when the doorbell rang and it was DPD, they were a day early!!!! I wasn't expecting my order till tomorrow so thank you Rocks for a nice surprise!!!! :clap:
I get mine delivered to work and it's getting very embarrassing lol. Between the delivery man treating me like an old mate and at least 6 folk gathering round my desk to see what's arrived today !!
You are doing a public service there Pearlgirl - can I come & work with you!!!

Glad the parcel arrived Mr Jones - are the contents lovely???? I hope so

Wonder if a DPD delivery man calendar would work, y'know like the fireman calendar ones, purely tasteful designs though :rofl: I think I'm obessed with van spotting tho
Embrassed no! I keep my DPD guy in business. I think he will be giving me a christmas present :D

My DPD delivery guy is a lovely man. He told my OH today that he might be back tomorrow with two more boxes!!!!! I look forward to what he is going to bring as I have received all my bling today!
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I goofed and so my delivery came to home instead of work. of course I wasnt in.

will try to get them to leave the package in our back garden tomorrow but last time I tried this, it was a comedy of errors as they went to the wrong door of the house and didn't see my card taped to the other door.

I can't go to the depot cos it's over an hour's drive away... wish they used Citilink which is 3 miles up the road!
Just had another delivery, when the delivery's first started my dogs went mad barking at the door, now the delivery man know their names and as he said they are so used to him, no more barking. lol
I've never actually seen my delivery guy, as my sweet next-door neighbours take in my parcels when I'm out at work. Doesn't save me any embarassment, though - I have to try and explain myself to the neighbours!!
lol Piggy - hope he brings them some blingy collars one day :D

Katherine, bless her heart, was on the phone first thing trying to help me redirect my parcel. However, despite 5" snowdrifts and awful black ice on the hills round here, detours round blocked roads, negotiating patiently through clogged traffic trying desperately to use alternative routes, my driver managed to deliver before noon today and left the parcel just where I asked him to on the note. He deserves a medal, bless him!

He did very well considering it took my poor OH nearly 4 hours to get home this evening from 15 miles away. Welcome to the Thames Valley folks - come for the day and end up staying for the week on the motorway...

I've never met my driver as stuff is normally delivered to work. My colleagues at work are very curious about the packages though.

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