Anyone bought the bissel carpet/hard floor cleaner


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Jul 18, 2008
hi all
has anyone else bought the bissel pet carpet & floor cleaner....i fell for it as it was on easy pay & seemed to tick some of the boxes as we have a puppy at the moment who's manners need to be better than they are...
i think i must have dreamt that we should have got a stair attachement & nozzle cleaner too.......ive recieved it after taking [ yes im sure you will believe that it took over 20 minutes on the phone to order it ].......
anyway would love to know
1.should i have more than an upright only cleaner that looks like a vac
2.does it work for you without clogging up on hard [ clean floor ] so that its finishes up in puddles
3. do you think they deliberately keep you on the phones to jack up you bill & hence they make money on it& told it would be sent out in 15 WORKING days HELLO !!!
4. if you bought it on easy pay should it say FULL price on the invoice..ive not rung CS as i may as well pay full say easy pay instal amount £xx
5 .sorry for having a rant but ages since i bought anything....maybe even longer next time

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