Anyone bought any polyester today?


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Jan 4, 2009
West Midlands
I'm at home today with my sick child (nothing serious, just a bad head cold I think). I had to switch QVC off or I would have been hypnotised into buying some over priced man made fibres.
Yes, and I was wondering what to wear to my next cocktail party - do people still have cocktail parties?

Oh yes dahling

i get hypnotised too, how do they do it? Stuff that would look hideous on Stacey's stall in East Enders starts to look as if it could grace the cover of Vogue. I think they must send out subliminal messages or the fact that they dwell on the alledged "loveliness" of each garment for so long must do something to the neurotransmitters in my brain!
There's definitely some brainwashing going on: I've got three kim & co. tops hanging neverworn in my closet as a testament to this effect. NEVER in a real life shop would I ever have contemplated buying them!
People used to say that TV and online shopping would kill off the high street shops but I think that unless you just can't leave home, there is nothing to beat looking at a variety of clothes in a shop and choosing things yourself, instead of some "expert" trying to convince you their stuff is "classic", "timeless" and "easy care". This is code for "never been in fashion, never will be" and "acrylic, polyester".

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