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Sep 24, 2008
hi, I received my mintabie earrings, and am deciding still hence cant take pic cos are in bag, the opals are lovely and match my pendant well enough but the diamonds i cant even see, yes i know they are only 1mm, but as its white gold and there are only 4 in total according to gems description, i cant make out the wood for the trees as the goldwork burys them,

before i make a decision, can anybody tell me where else i may purchase some online?
It's not appropriate asking on the GemsTV forum where you can buy products elsewhere. As I said earlier, register as a VIP and then ask in the Bling section.
oh dear.. consider wrist well and truly smacked. i wouldnt ask if it wasnt that i have the only gems pair they had and have had in ages. .. n that was a pair i had in my gems for months but was sold out, so i prob got the returned pair in ultra clearance. though they were only 4pounds less than when i added the item to watch list.
I'm not telling you off. I'm just trying to help you with how this forum works. In the Bling section people can post up links to lots of sellers for you. GemsTV wouldn't look too kindly on that going on in this section of the forum and might well complain to Graham - you couldn't really blame them could you?
Well maybe not but there are no other items to pick from on gems, ive been trying to match my pendant for months. i dont think gems would look too kindly on alot of things in this forum to be fair. I see presenters get quite alot of stick on here, it doesnt bother me, but maybe it would if i were adina or rae.
To be fair the Gems presenters who get stick on here are the ones who deserve it tbh. Meeshoo is also correct, if you could post in the VIP section you would be able to get much more help on all things bling.

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