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John Scott

Registered Shopper
Oct 31, 2008
Hello all
Just wanted to say thank you so much for all your lovely messages and also if there is anything you need to know please dont hesitate to get in touch...we at Rocks and co so want it to be a pleasurable experience from start to finish so anything i can help with please just ask....we are new so bear with us we will get it right very soon...but please feel free to air your joys or your woes and we will certainly try and do all we can to help...keep watching its going to get better and better i promise...and if you want a mention like sweetpea all you have to do is ask! or say something witty!!!
lots of love
John x
Awwww, since you ask .............. free jewellery? No? Are you sure? Oh well, you can't blame me for trying!

even i cant get it for free but hey some of our prices are so low its like we are giving it away!
:Hiya: John can I just say a massive

It's lovely that you've dropped in to say hello. Keep up the fantastic work at Rocks & Co I've never laughed so much while spending money!! Thank you xx
Great to see you presenting on Rocks & Co John. I could be tempted to buy soon.

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