another craft day!!! what???????????


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Jun 29, 2008
Did my eyes and ears decieve me, I thought I heard them advertise another craft day.

Please tell me it aint so.
According to the IW TV schedule it's only a POTD starting Tuesday 9pm. I'd almost forgotten that they did them, there's been so many boreathons recently!
oink oink
POD Tuesday starts the 24hours of craft

Sorry, Mommabear - you're absolutely right. I've just checked my EPG and it's got a full day's schedule of craft, unlike the IW guide which only lists 4 hours of craft stuff apart from the POTD. Maybe I just didn't want to believe it!!
now will it slap n stick
pre done cards

etc etc etc

oh please give us some REAL craft :D

oh no it could be a CD!

or worse still a flippin' 4 day deal:rolleyes:
i love craft days they are USUALLY exciting and something to look forward to but this is getting silly!!! there isnt anything to psych up for it happens every week now!!! Why can't they just have a Pick of the Day on a Tuesday night and then have a couple of them shows the following day instead of having a craft day on the wednesday? we dont need all these craft days, its too tempting for one thing
angel x soz, just thought i would add my two pence worth ok............ten pence!!:D

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