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Jun 24, 2008
Yorkshire Uk
After last weekends farce with Rocks&co over the item that was out of stock after a short period of time, i thought things would be better.....Oh NO, NO WAY, NO HOW!

This morning i spot a very pretty Russian Diopside and Diamond ring, Hot foot to the pc and secure one whie still 3 showing available on screen. Hit the checkout button and go to kitchen to get my card. On my arrival back to the computer not 2 minutes later item is showing no stock again:12: Obviously this is just not acceptable so called and ask to speak to a manager. His reply?No stock, no item no order :12:

I am seriously starting to wonder if Rocks&Co want my business! The replacement item chosen after last weekends fiasco has not yet arrived, and said manager cannot give any information as to what is happening with it either!

To me jewellery buying is meant to be an enjoyable experience, but it truly is becoming a real hassle with Rocks&Co!!!:12:
Hi Tabs,

Sorry about this,

I believe there is one still available (I will get website IT to look into why it would say no stock)

I can get the item added for you tomorrow manually.

Can you PM me your number so I can call you tomorrow afternoon (when I am in Newcastle) and I can sort something out for you.


Rocks & Co. COO
Oh tabs its not on at all is it? u should not be having all this hassle and goings on with phone calls and yes it is and no its not available.. ,it does annoy me this stock issue they have all the time bad business sense to my mind, i have looked at a few things since they have been on air ,but to be honest i dont want to dip my toes into a company that is run like this... you havent had a good time with it and personally i wouldnt carry on ... i hope they will sort it pronto for you as you say it should be a pleasure and not a head ache ... goodluck with it xx
Andrew, I have sent pm as requested.

Marie, Thanks. It really isnt acceptable, i agree. If i didnt really like the 2 items i would be extremely tempted not to carry on too. Lets see what tommorrow brings.

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