Annette Baker Malpas and Hubby on A Place in the Sun - ON NOW!!


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I Love Chocolate

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Jun 24, 2008
Posted this on the TV and Radio section, but thought long time QVCers would appreciate it too.

Don't know if it's a repeat, but I just put Channel 4 on ready for BB and recognised her voice!

Heard her saying "yes, I love the kitchen" so that confirmed it!

It's on C4+1 if you've got it
I saw them too! It took a while to figure out who she was, but I knew I'd seen her cooking - then it came to me.
ABM' demos for Tefal were better than Cleasby and Harradine, both of whom have no finesse in the kitchen whatsoever.
I used to love watching her on the Tefal hours, I wonder if they bought a property in France in the end.
It is on 4oD watched a bit of it this morning but have visitors now will catch up during the week.
Oh I'm sorry I missed that, I will watch it on 4oD, thanks for letting us know, I Love Chocolate.

I used to really enjoy her shows on QVC, she's a lovely lady. My daughter and I used to love chatting to her at her stand at the Ideal Home Show but the stand wasn't there this year or last. She came to recognise us and would call out hello. She told us a couple of tales about the presenters, one of her favourites being Julian.

Come back to QVC Annette. :(

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