Anne you're getting me in bother!!


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Jun 24, 2008
I don't know if it's a member of this forum or not, but someone called Anne seems to have a bottomless purse and spends an absolute fortune on TJC. Her name is mentioned many times each day. Now, while I say good for you girl, I'm getting in bother because of this!

You see I'm Anne too and every time her name is mentioned my hubby says the same thing........."is that you?" !! I'm sure he thinks I've won the lottery and not told him and that I'm buying loads of stuff from TJC and not telling him! It's driving me nuts and I'm beginning to think I married a parrot!

So, Anne if you are a member here can you do me a favour and start calling yourself Annie or Anna purely for TJC purposes please? It would really make my life much more peaceful :cheeky:

Thank you :flower:
C'mon then dearie, do tell us a little more, how much must that be driving you up the wall? :devil: xxx
Oh not at all my dear friend (or should that be FIEND) Argey. The other Anne is such a lucky lady isn't she? :happy:
Oh, bless!! Your hubby thinks you're the only person called Anne in the country.... how sweet.......sure hope your surname isn't Smith, Klos, or the poor chap will think you're always off on dirty weekends to Brighton, too!!

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