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Jun 24, 2008
Any clues what this might be?
I'm still using a Christmas box that was a TSV last year - it is so gorgeous it took me until this year to start using it - I just kept looking at it!
Would love something similar
Anna Griffin Craft Tote, Wallet & Organiser with Papers,Cards & Embellishments
Item Number: 587270
QVC Price £49.25
Today's Special Value Price £39.98
Availability In stock
UK P&P £6.45

Keep your craft projects organised with this beautiful Anna Griffin set. You'll fall in love with the pretty printed bag that comes with a matching wallet and organiser. Choose from Evelyn (pink and orange paisley design on a cream background) or Rose (sea green leaf design on a baby blue background). You'll also get 36 printed papers (three each of 12 designs), 25 folded cards, 25 envelopes, 16 felt embellishments, 36 buttons and six crochet embellishments. The tote bag has shoulder straps and it measures about 32cm x 40cm x 18cm (12.6" x 15.7" x 7.1").


I am normally a huge Anna Griffin fan, but these bags look like something my granny (if she were still alive) would have taken on a hospital visit, so will probably be giving this a miss. Oh well, have plenty of AG stash already.
looked on it on the american looks really tempting though. love all of it. wish it had some christmas embellishments though but how lovely is it?
It's too 'lovely' for me!! I mean, how many people actually need to carry their crafting stuff around? And there's not a lot of crafting materials included really. Not for me. I wonder how it will sell today.
Anthony said that 100 had gone in the first few minutes, and then .... nothing. No 'jump to the phones' or queues or urging us to use QCut. Can't be selling well. And what about the 'limited edition' £100+ tote or trolley as Anna called it? I can't believe that they're selling such expensive pieces tonight.
love anna griffin have bought from qvc since the begining lots. its the only craft i do buy but you are right there is not a lot of crafting stuff to be honest. the paper is tiny scraps. they must cut the 12" paper in 6 parts. like the embellishments though but i would have thought about in on easy pay.
Not an Anna Griffin fan, I find her stuff too fussy and cottagey (sp). Can't really see the point of the bag, wallet and organiser - not my type of thing at all. Very pricey too.
I do love Anna Griffin craft stuff, but I really don't see the point of the bags that come in this kit. I like to buy actual craft stuff and I already have storage for most of it.

I'm guessing that this kit was probably very well received on US QVC, but they have completely missed the mark as far as the UK is concerned IMHO.

I think its bliddy 'orrible
Can see no craft use here at all, wouldn't be seen dead with a bag like that!
And the tote, are they having a laugh with that price ?

Far too small anyway for crafting,

Not a big fan of Anna Griffin, but sometimes her designs, are quite nice in an old fashioned way, and I have bought her stuff! but not this.

Can see this in the outlets in abundance
The cheeky so and sos are still showing the 5 star review from someone who hasn't bought it yet. How can you review something you haven't got, surely the point of reviews is to say what the product is actuual like?

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