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Does anyone remember whether QVC (or the other shopping channels) does anything around Prime Day? A number of retailers (especially in the high street) have deal matching or similar offers - or at least they used to, but my impression is that Prime Day is not as big an event as it used to be. Am I wrong?
I have just had an email saying there is 30% off Diamonique. So I headed off to have a look, such a poor selection, my money is well safe. I am not sure whey they didn't make it off all Diamonique.
I think most of that Diamonique with 30% off has been those prices for a while. I’m not tempted by any of it. I did buy a nice pair of Huggie earrings a few weeks back that were reduced to £9. Thought they might be flimsy but they are really nice and sturdy. They’re silver as well not stainless steel or silver tone.

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