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I am quick to moan about the service I have recieved from QVC so in all fairness have to say that they amazed me this time. I bought a pendant of the Eternal DQ range when they had a TSV, as I did not like the TSV. Unbeknown to me they had it as a OTO later in the day, and although I bought it before I went to work at 8am they only charged me the OTO price. Thank you QVC!:53:
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No I'm sure it isn't a mistake. I ordered the pink ClickFree data backup thingy when SCW first posted the link and about 10 days later it became the TSV which obviously hacked me off more than a bit. I called CS to moan about it being put on the website at the higher price when QVC obviously knew it was to be a TSV but was told they couldn't do anything about the difference in price. BUT a few evenings later a really pleasant lady from CS phoned me totally out of the blue and said they realised I had bought it at the higher price and they had issued a refund cheque for the difference....and last Saturday I received a cheque for £22.51 :cheer: so a great big fat WELL DONE QVC CS!! :clap: :pPC:

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