Am I the only person on here...


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No Miss M, think Siren bought a morganite ring that was very pretty.

Miss M, I tried to buy the opal ring that was the Rockstar yesterday. However, when I went back to my basket later in the day, it had disappeared, so I seem to have lost out. Shame, I love opals.
I've bought a couple of items off them MissMagpie bought a rock star item and a pendant - I am happy with both of them delivery was quick and jewellery seem to be good quality think most people of here seem to be spending with the other 'rocks' company :54:
Hi MissMagpie, I've bought 4 pcs from them so you're not the only one..... A star ruby ring which is stunning, a blue topaz cross pendant which I've added to my silver charm bracelet and the colour is really intense. I got an amethyst ring and a rose quartz ring. I have to say the quality of the gems seem superior to other pcs I have bought from other channels, the problem is that its hard to watch for long periods as it gets boring! Sometimes I feel sometimes the jewellery is more expensive but actually it's better value than Gems or TJC but without the auction it doesn't look like it so I think they're missing out on some customers....
Yes, M4G is right. I've bought a pretty ring that was Kunzite and white gold for a bargain price of £32!
Thanks, everyone - I'd like to think they're not about to go out of business through lack of customers!

I'm pleased with the few bits I've bought.
Ive been eyeing up some peices but have yet to buy anything - I must admit some of the stuff I have seen has been drool worthy, if not a tad pricey.
I bought a lovely Morganite ring, it was good quality but I sent it back because it just didn't suit my finger, shame as the ring itself was gorgeous. I have got my eye on some marcasite earrings though, hope they don't get sold out before my next payday!!

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