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Have just been checking on the Philosophy part of the QVC website and this seems to be listed as a TSV...What's 'appening?

Philosophy Essentials TSV Cinnamon Buns
QVC Price£47.75 Item Number226786 Availability In stock UK P&P£4.95Overall Rating no ratings

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I've never seen anything like this before, is it part of an AD doodah?
I'm guessing it's the next Philosophy TSV but QVC accidentally let slip and dished the details a bit prematurely. Never fear, Sherlockipuss is on the case...
Philosophy had a TSV which had an Auto Delivery Option and you got different bath/shower fragrance each time, so it looks like this set is part of that and maybe they put it in as TSV price by mistake.
Did wonder whether it was some sort of stately slip-up re an AD situation. Thanks Sazza. xxx
Well done Super Sleuth ...obviously all those secret missions you've been on have paid off!

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