Alpha-H 4 Piece Age Delaying Essentials Collection OTO


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I know, isn't it annoying when the post the item but not the details or the photo?:angry:

it sure is :envy:

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finally a list of whats in it

1x 50ml Balancing Cleanser PAO 24m,
1x 50ml Liquid Gold PAO 24m,
1x 15ml Absolute Eye complex PAO 12m.
1x 15ml Rejuvenating Cream PAO 24m.

This is a complete day and night skincare 'ritual' for the face, neck, decollete and eye area which can be used as a 12 week rejuvenating program on all skin types.

Liquid gold is an 'overnight' facial in a bottle which revitalises, firms and gives instant radiance in a single application.

This salon treatment uses gentle flower acids, hydrating botanicals and the latest 'instant lift' technology.

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