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Oct 16, 2008
would ppl who got the alexandrite rings/stones please post under daylight and electric light pics plz???
really really want to see how strong is the colour change, could anyone do the favour plz??
Because Alexandrite shows red or reddy brown in candlelight etc it is almost impossible for the amateur to photograph as there isn't enough light for the camera unless you use a flash and that kinda ruins the idea lol I bought an Alex from Gems when Steve ran it - Indian not Russian but clearly changes colour in incandescent light. It is admittedly more a gimmick than an impressive gem for wearing IMHO. I also bought Alex which does not change at all. The only was to check is buy, try and spy. If you don't like it send it back.
Two dire pics but you get the idea?


The real thing is more impressive but the light today is almost non existent and me hands are shaking with Man Flu still.
This is probably sacrilege, but I'd don't much like alexandrite. It's a dull, muddy sort of green to start with and, if you're lucky, it changes to a dull, muddy sort of reddish purple.

I'd rather have a stone that was a nice colour, albeit the same colour all the time!
I have a small pair of alexandrite earrings and the green is very green and they go a pale purple at night as you say very hard to capture by picture. think alot is personal choice. ( not bought here tho)
I could not afford Alexandrite when they had it on Gems tv in the old days,
but since then i have bought a colour change Andersine that is a dark green bit like Tourmaline and changes to a muddy brown/red if your lucky mine dosent very much but i like the green so its very similar in that respect to alex, Andersine its still quite expensive to buy but
I paid about £150 for mine and had it valued for £1050 so it may be worth looking out for as an alternative to Alex
Miss Magpie - wash your mouth out! Muddy? Dull? You've obviously seen only carp Alex!

The following photos have not been photoshopped and are a true representation of what I see with my eyes. I can honestly say however as Mr Jones has mentioned that Alexandrite is almost impossible to photograph accurately. Even carp Alex will show a colour change in a photo that you don't see with your eyes.

Here's my 3.06ct Alexandrite that has phenomenal colour change.

Daylight - This photo is the exception to what I've mentioned above. It looks far too grey but IRL this ring is an emerald green during the day and rivals any Emerald!:

Incandescent light - This is a true representation of the colour change:

Here's a video where you can see the colour change. Please bear in mind that, even video doesn't capture the true colours. IRL this pendant is emerald green and goes to Amethyst purple in the evenings. I opened the box under electric light and wondered why I'd bought an Amethyst. :31:

Here is the pendant and, for once, I managed to capture the true colours with the camera. A sheer fluke!


Please be aware that a lot of the sellers of Alexandrite photoshop the photos of their Alex. You need to ask the question. Never ever ever trust a photo of Alex. You need to see it IRL.
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with you Tabs.........I lurve both of those!

Great to see your Alex pendant again Meesh, I've never forgotten it........
Hate to say it, Meesh, but that green in your photos isn't a colour I'd ever go for in a gemstone. You know what? I think maybe I just don't like most shades of green, and prefer things that stay purple!
Nicest Alex I have seen apart from a really old Russian ring pre 1930's but it emphasises the in either colour Emerald or Ruby it ain't - more a talking piece than stunning gem for colour. It is a lovely pendant though not running it down at all.
Its a gorgeous stone, and one of the nicest pieces i've seen, either on the tv channels or the internet. That said the colour isnt to everybodys taste, but still a fab gemstone if you like it personally.
thank you so much meeshoo...for showing them ^^ that gives me more idea (but still thing about the dark yellow-green one which changes to medium moderatly saturated orangy red one XD will ask the person. Thx again.

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