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Jun 18, 2009
Through the Looking Glass
Does this stuff really work on scars? I was trying to befriend a stray cat last week and it really went for me...every claw deeply implanted in my face! A lot of blood and bruising and I have been left with a number of small but noticeable scars around the nose & eye area:doh:
Has anyone had good results using Prolagene on scarring? Or can you recommend anything else (non-oily) that works?
prolagene gel

hi, yes this gel does work and it isn't thick and sticky either. if you are going to try it, order it from QVC then if you find it's not for you you can return it.
I've had brilliant results with Prolagene on spot and chicken pox scars. You won't see results overnight, but try and use it twice a day if possible under your day/night cream.
I also highly rec prolagene for scarring,in fact I'm using it on my scars from my op 8 weeks ago. I'm lucky as the surgeon did a neat job anyway (I have 7 small scars instead of one long one right down my abdo) but they are really dissapearing already. It is also a lovely lightweight moisturiser on the summer and I use it as throat gel too!
Prolagene has worked really well for me on scars. It doesn't work over night but it is worth persevering.
I've also found Prolagene gel very good on scarring and as a moisturiser. As other posters have said it does take time but I've found it worth while.

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