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Jun 24, 2008
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hey y'all

need some advice .. think I have fallen in love, with the pics of the blue fire opals on here (have never see one on live yet).. need some advice though,
I know I saw the posts from Gav re the mining being sporadic etc, but, have they had a lot on Rocks? Has my timing been lousy and have missed it? What sort of prices does it go for?

am thinking I could talk my OH into buying me a ring for Christmas, and blue fire opal could be it ... would be my first purchase with Rocks too!

saw an earlier post that John Scott (he is soo wonderful, love watching him) had a req show tomorrow night, not sure if I should mail in, plus, i know there have been problems with online ordering ... as I would need to order online (if they had any tomorrow) and then wait until the wee small hours of Friday to pay (dont get paid until then)

oh, dont know what to do ...
I have a blue fire opal ring with diamonds. It was £149. In fact this is the second one I've had - I sent back the first one about a week ago because I wasn't keen on the setting, so they probably have at least one in stock (if they've processed my return). Nothing wrong with it, I hasten to add - just that the design was very simple, and I wanted something a bit fancier.

I have only been watching Rocks for a few weeks, so I'm not sure what they had at the outset - I think they've had a few, but not loads. Definitely worth putting in a request.

If you buy an on-air item via the website, it stays in your basket for 24 hours before being removed, so you should have no problem delaying your payment for a day until you get paid. I'd be very surprised if it went over the £300 threshhold for website purchases.
thanks, just heard John say the request hour is tonight at 11 (as always my timing is rubbish).... will wait until tomorow, or even the weekend (when I can sit and watch all day) and then mail in...

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