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Sep 27, 2008
Ive noticed since last weekend i can no longer acess my customer statement,when i log onto bid tv and go on my account on the right hand side of screen theres a customer statment box which reads- To see your most up-to-date purchase
information on your Customer
Statement Click here
This used to give you updates on recent orders and progress of orders,now all i get is a box saying please wait but nothing happens,looks like they have done this to stop customers checking up on orders after all winning bidders lists on megadrops have been disabled.anyone else having this problem??
Its broken on my account earlier today, worked on my wifes account 2 minutes ago.
i went into my account, all the items i have purchased normal price and a couple of miracculous megadrops are appearing as £0.00 product value and just showing the p&p charge £7.99 and the total transaction amount e.g. £8.99, this is so on all items for weeks, i think something very fishy is going on here.So in theory they are making no money selling products? :33:(hiding profit made..from tax man?!?) I have an evil mind!

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