Abalone Pendant


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Silly question but is your pendant definitely the same colour as the link? I bought one last year from Rocks and it was very different to the one shown on the screen.

Really loved the blue colour but the one I received was very pale pastel colours - very pretty but not as striking as the blue. They did say on air that they were all different, though. I did keep it though, as it was very pretty.
Dolly its pot luck with abalone as its a shell. My first one that I received is stunning much better than the one they show on screen ordered another one for a friend even though the colours were great the shape wasn't did not sit well so went back!
The first abalone i got is very striking blues and greens and evenly coloured all over but i had a couple since one was very uneven in colour a bit one sided and the other was a horrible shell had a large crack in it so decided it was a bit pot luck what your sent and have now given up on getting another one but clever m4g in finding the earrings
I haven't ordered the earrings yet, I'm waiting til the pendant actually comes so I can see what it's like.


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