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Jun 24, 2008
Over the Pennines in Lancashire
Received my latest haul from Rocks this morning.

I bought a number of items as pressies for family and friends.

I amended the authenticity certificates when checking out ( as we can do) but every item received has got the wrong name details on the authenticity certificate card!! I know it wasn't my error as it was a multi basket batch that was combined and I amended the details at different points as I won the items.

Looks like I'm going to have to ask my son Jon if he minds changing his name by deed poll to Olwyn because that's the name on the card for the gent's diamond ring.:rolleyes:

This is the second batch of items when I have amended the certificates and each time, the wrong details have been entered on the cards. Don't know what you think, but in my opinion, it adds value to the gift when the authenticity card is added, even better with the recipients name on ( if it is the correct one, though)

I still haven't received the adjusted cards from the previous batch after several requests, so not hopeful I will get new cards for these items so will probably have to return for a refund. :(

Perhaps better off not using the optional amendment facility? :zip:
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Was it your name on the cards - i.e. had they just not been amended at all - or was it a completely different name? Just curious!
Hi Miss Magpie,

no, I amended the cards to put the name of the recipient on, so they were personalised. The cards i received had the names on but were for the wrong item. ie a friend I bought a marcasite bracelet for has the card with citrine earring details, but her name on. The person I bought the earrings for, has the bracelet in her name.

don't know whether to laugh or cry :smackhead:
I've used the "personalise" authenticity card and have had no problems apart from one ring that came in my name and not the intended recipients name. I'm sure a phone call to Tony or Katherine would remedy the situation...Good Luck getting it sorted.
I was going to say the same. E-mail or phone Tony/John/Steve or Katherine and they will sort it out for you. Keep us posted dd.
I've had a few pieces with my name on the cards, instead of the name of the intended recipient. I emailed Katherine and she's sorting it for me. So fingers crossed. I'm sure I put the correct name on, but we're only human so some are bound to slip through.

Hi all,

Dollydimple, if you email me which items have the wrong names on the cards and let me know what names you want on there, I'll post some to you early next week.

What would be really great is if you could email me when you change one in the basket and let me know the item number and what you change it to so that I can get our web guys to track it and see why the change is not happening.

My email is [email protected].

Thanks, and let me know if I can I help in any way.

Kind regards

Hiya dolly,

I've had the same problem. My first batch of authenticity cards came and they all had my name on (at the time I didn't know you could change them) so John did some re-prints for me and sent them through the post like the star he is!!! I asked how you got them without a name on (in case they were gifts) and he told me to just put a load of spaces in the amend box. I have done this on quite a few occasions however, only one card ever came blank all the rest still have my name on. I'm not too fussed I suppose it just shows who bought it instead of who owns it but I think there could be a glitch in the system somewhere.

wibblypig x:D

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