A Replacement for MB Christmas TSV ?


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Jun 27, 2008
Any news on a replacement for the departed Molton Brown, obviously not doing their legendary Christmas TSV-cheers !
Will really miss the MB tsv.Used to look forward to it,my friend and I used to order a couple each to split for gifts,as it was always such good value.Like l'occitane too so did get 2 of their tsvs this time which softens the blow slightly!
MB in the shops is way too expensive unless you have an outlet near to you?
They have some nice sets at reasonable prices.
the outlets are getting dear too...went to gunwharf quay in Aug...everything wayyyy too dear :(
I've been to Bicester outlet twice in last two months and didn't think the choice was the same as usual.Wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't there next year when I go.
I went to the outlet at Salford Quays and was quite disappointed, the choice wasn't that good and the prices seemed quite high.

However maybe that wasn't a bad thing as my hands have felt quite dry and sore for the last couple of days and the only thing that I can think of that could have caused it is that I have started using a bottle of MB shower gel.
The MB outlet over here isn't brill atm either.
Not a sniff of a Eucalyptus shower gel or any of the men's after shaves :11:
Prices are quite expensive too & for the first time in ages,I bought zilch!
every time i have been to to the lowery outlet latley not had much of anything, seems to be all gift sets that they are selling and not that much cheaper.
Looks like I went on a good day!I went to the one in the Lowry Salford Quays and got 2 really nice sets,one for me with 10 mini sizes in and another boxed set with 6 of the 100mls in.
Having said that it was way back in Jan 'cause I went with birthday money:5:

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