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Jun 24, 2008
Yorkshire Uk
Hi guys, I'd been asked while accumulating this set to post up pics. Finally finished the set off today. Here we go, sorry if anyone gets scared! :)

Not scary at all....:)

Lovely jewellery...well done!

Most of my purchases so far have been earrings-not the easiest to photograph! I bought a ring for my daughter ...I'll see if I can post a photo of that!
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What is there to be scared about?:rofl:

Great pieces Tabs they look lovely!:D

P.s. think my rofl has gone on strike!
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;) the jewellery isnt scary at all !! can see why you wanted the full set its stunning well done you :)
Lovely photo, lovely set of jewellery and they look lovely on you, Tabs! :D

Perfect!! (need to find a thumbs up smilie)
Thanks for the piccy Tabs honey, and what a beautiful set (and you look fab in them).
I have the ring due on Friday, so now I can't wait! And the pendant is definitely on my major "must have" wishlist - just wish I had gone higher when we were fighting over that one hahahaha. Mind you, it would have been a real shame if you had missed out on completing your set, maybe I was just being kind (hahahahaha, I'll see if I get away with that!).
Hope I get it next time!
In the meanwhile, enjoy your beautiful things!
What a lovely set....looks stunning!:)

Where did you get the dodgy bird from to model the pieces?!?!:D

Enjoy them,matey....they really suit you.
:) what whoppers you have there !!! just stunning ,love all 3
enjoy wearing them for a long time to come ::)
Lovely set Tabs and it looks even better on you. Enjoy wearing them - many more evenings out I think :D
Tabs, a lovely set... but... I have to say... not YET complete..... there is room there for a fab pair of earrings...... dontcha think??!!!! :confused: Lovely colours to the stones... you must be very pleased :)
Hi Mathilda:) Yes a pair of earrings would be lovely (when bank blance recovers sufficiently) but i'd have to be carefull because really chunky earrings could be quite heavy?:)
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