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Gem Genie

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Jul 30, 2008
North East Wales
Bear with me please while I narrate the saga.

I watch quite a few of the shopping channels because I find them to be quite amusing to be honest, Loen on Ideal World in particular and the very late night shows on Bid and Price Drop.

Anyway, I received a letter from Ideal World welcoming me as a member and for buying my first item. All my details were correct, full name and address etc

I was flabbergasted as I had NEVER EVER ordered anything from them.

I tried contacting them on the phone but was not understood by a foreign sounding person.

I tried emailing them but had a STOCK "thank you for your email" type of response.

In the end I managed to speak to someone who told me to just rip the letter up and ignore it.

I never did find out how they got hold of all my details but I have since ordered one item from them and now have a new membership number. I am keeping a very close watch on my account though in case they make any more mistakes.
I had visited the Ideal World website a few times and now it is making me wonder if they were able to somehow remember my visits like a computer remembers cookies.

I don't know, I am not technical enough but even so how would they know my details other than my IP address?
Can you write to the UK office and ask for them to look into it, in case someone has 'stolen' your identity? Not trying to scare you but you often read of these things happening. Whilst you are at it, I'd check your credit rating (Experian thing) as well to make sure no-one's taking cards out in your name.

Anyway, hope it turns out to be nothing!

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