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Jun 26, 2008
I am fairly new to Gems TV, I think I found them around April, although I seem to have accumulated alot of items from them in a fairly short space of time:D

However, I am not new to gems or jewellery collecting.
I actually found this site because I typed in a search for reviews when I was considering purchasing from Gems TV and wanted to see what people thought. I saw a lot of photos of your beautiful jewellery and heared many of your positive comments, so I decided to give them a go.
Sadly with the recent crash of the website many of those posts have been lost.

If anyone was new to Gems TV and like me happened across the site now, a lot of the more recent posts have not been so positive.

Please don't get me wrong I am not in any way suggesting that if you have had a bad experience or bad service it should not be sorted out to your satisfaction, but I work in retail and know from experience that it is a sad fact that if everything is good we don't tend to say very much but if we have a complaint or feel we have been treated unfairly we tell everyone. We are all human and we all make mistakes in every walk of life.

You can only speak as you find, and so far I just wanted to say how impressed with Gems TV I am.
The prices and quality of my jewellery have been fantastic. And the choice of gem stones and designs are wonderful.
Every order has been delivered on the day they said it would come. You get notification emails and tracking on line. ( I do pay the extra 1.00 for premium delivery with the new system)
I have had a great valuation on a more expensive item which I was over the moon with.
I have only ever had two small hiccups. Once I rang to buy an item showing, but mid way through my confirmation the phone got cut off. I rang straight back, and the lady I spoke to at CC checked if any were still available in stock which luckily there were and she gave me free P&P which I certainly hadn't asked for or expected.

Another time I tried to add to my phone order with an item I wanted to buy on the web, but it kept coming up as a new order, even though it was the same day and should have cost one P&P. I couldn't speak to CC before the deadline of 8.00 for add it to the same order, as they were not open untill 8.00am . When I phoned and explained, again whoever I spoke to said I can't add it to your order now, but I can give you free p&p.

All in all I am so far extremely happy with all aspects and certainly could not have afforded to add the items I have to my collection in such a short space of time if I was shopping in the high street, or have such a varied variety of gems.

So if you are new and are considering giving Gems a go I would say Go for it!
Good post Glitzy :Thumbsup:

It's very true what you say about anyone new coming here for Gems reviews. Previously they could get a good picture reading through the large number of Threads but unfortunately purely due to timing of events with the site crashing they wouldn't get that same picture now. As you say, bad service/bad experiences need to be dealt with but like you, I too have to, in the main, sing the praises of Gems TV.

Oh I've had many moans too - embarassingly I'm sorry to say that most of them have been about certain presenters when they really annoy me! I've had a couple of hiccups but they were quickly resolved and I cannot fault the quality of any of the items I have purchased and believe me I've purchased a fair few!

Recently I have had the pleasure - yes pleasure - of dealing with 2 CS people who are most definitely a credit to Gems. Trisha and Ben both resolved different matters for me quickly, professionally and competently and I have to say I was very impressed. However, there are issues going on for others right now which cannot be ignored and unfortunately they are not being handled in the what I would described as a "win/win" situation. Hopefully Gems will revisit these issues and come up with a fairer solution which may help to regain confidence with these customers.

All in all in all though I agree with you Glitzy and I'm 99% happy - no make that 99.99% now that they've got rid of Shi**ylink - yippee!! :LaughingCat:

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