A Good Reason to buy your Tanzy from TJC


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Just look at this ............... phwoar!


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No SB - I've got my own little Tanzy mine so this would have just been plain greedy! It was bluddy gawjus though. I can't believe it didn't sell!!! Absolutely brilliant value and the colour made me go weak at the knees! Had I not just flexed my c/card on another of their items I could have been tempted!
I switched on right at the end of the auction and was bowled over by that stone. I also couldn't believe that it didn't sell, but didn't have time to see the carat weight, doesn't look teeny weeny though.
Wow, just checked your screenshot Meesh, 4 carats, strikes me it was a brilliant price. Now I REALLY can't understand that it didn't sell!
Gorgeous....now I feel very poor indeed! lol

I have noticed that the tanzy on tjc almost always looks entirely cobalt blue, and appears to display none of the violets etc that can usually be seen with R&C's stones. Is this just down to studio lighting differences, and do tjs stones show the pleochroism in the flesh?


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