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Dec 17, 2008
How posh is Lynne looking tonight (if anyone's watching). Gentle make-up, hair combed through and in a neat ponytail, and a plain but stylish black top. You can tell that she feels good too, as she's modelling a whopping great ruby (as far as I can see) gold necklace and her whole posture is uplifted.

I'm the last one in a position to have a go at anyone's appearance when it ain't good, so I don't, but she looks so great tonight I had to mention it. xxxx
when i tuned in this morning, she is doing the silver programme at 8.00, and she looks like a movie star, her hair is long coils of soft curls, and the fringe, sort of taken back at an angle, pinned in, and she looks really bright, breezy and happy, she is always full of the joys, and i do like her, as she is softly spoken, and she doesnt gabble either. If only i looked that good in the morning! (first thing in the am, i manage to make gargoyle's flinch lol!!) i am not a morning person - it makes me all grinchy! lol :flower:
I like Lynne too, she's entertaining and professional, eminently watchable. Personally I don't like to see presenter's criticised for their appearance, I think it's often catty and unnecessary but it's always nice to see praise so
Yup, I like her, too - I don't watch Gems much these days, but she always was my favourite presenter.

Maybe she's... you know... blooming? :)

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