A bracelet bonanza!!!


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Jul 16, 2008
South Wales
Right, pics of latest deliveries....sorry about the pics, not up to my usual standard, but its dark whenever I get in now, so no sunlight.

Blue topaz pendant

Got this because it was bargin price. Not worth sending back for £6 so will keep it, but I must stop buying things just because they are cheap!!!

Sapphire gents ring

Another thumb ring...building up a collection!

Tanzanite white gold ring

Have looked at this a few times and almost bought it...thought £17 was a bragin, so got it. It is very dainty, but what has disappointed me is the amount of gold used......barely enough, it is so thin I am worried it will break! Am undecided about it really.....bargin price for tanzanite......but it is small and gold is so very thin...I just dont know.

Where are the bracelets I hear you say??? Well would have been rude not to add other items too....here they are........

Mother of Pearl Bracelet

Bargin at 9 pound. Like it alot. Very wearable and a nice size.

Mother of pearl bracelet

Very nice and deff worth the £5, but I wish they would take more care when drilling the holes through, some are like the person wasnt even looking as they are all over the place on it. Again very wearable as you can turn it over to wear the lighter side:

Peacock pearl bracelet

This is stunning, one of my faves already. I saw other peoples pics on here, but it is so much better in real life. I am so glad I got it now. I love it to bits!!!!!!

Cobalt blue and white pearl bracelet

Just had to have this when I saw it. Pearls arent the best and there is one a diff colour to others, but as OH said, if you want everything to look the same, buy fakes. These are real pearls and I am happy with them.

Multigem silver bracelet

This looks so stunning, I love it so much, so sparkly and goes with my multigem ring. However....its huge!!!! Even my massive wrists are too small!!! Its way to big to wear, which is a shame. I so don't want to send it back though and after looking at it, I have convinced myself that regency will be able to take a link out.

And thats it!!! bracelet bonanza..........its the earrings next, I have three in my basket already, so look out next week for the next installment.............earring extravaganza!!!! lol
What a lot of lovelies!

My favourite is the multi gem bracelet. Maybe you could take a couple of gems out and have some earrings made to match?
All lovely, VG, and very wearable, IYKWIM. Hope you get something sorted out with the bracelet.
I got the last 3 braclets we must have similar taste,was worried the others would'nt fit as i have massive wrists the silver one is long on me also but i can wear it ,i would think it can be altered though worth a phone call to see
Gorgeous selection Vg. My MOP bracelet is going back as one of the strands is snapped!!!!

I have three of the bracelets in my collection too :D
I've got the multigem bracelet - it's huge on me too -my local jeweller said he can take out one gem and one link which should make it OK, for £7.50. But re-rhodium-plating the join would be another £20 because rhodium is so expensive and he doesn't use enough to get a discount. That doesn't bother me, on just the join, so I'llget mine done. OH said wear it as an ankle bracelet instead...!
All lovely items vg. I'd send back the tanzanite if you're not sure about it, but bear in mind that it's not a gemstone to wear every day anyway, so maybe then it wouldn't need to be that rugged for just occassional use. I have sometimes been a bit disappointed with the amount of gold used, but at these prices it's understandable I suppose.
Pretty things VG, enjoy.
I adore my blue & white pearl coil by the way, glad you got one too.
I have always thought that little tanzy looked like a child's ring it's so miniscule, but it looks like it would be a cute little pinkie ring on you.
Lovely items valleygirl. Got a few of them myself lol. I've got same problem with the multigem bracelet - far too long and I've not got delicate wrists !

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