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Jun 25, 2008
After reading how low the prices were going on the falling web auctions I very gently decided to test the waters of TJC yet again, and am cuffed to bits with the results.

OK - I can't post the links 'cos I'm carp at that side of things, but if any kind soul can be kind enough I'll be grateful!

First to arrive was 595380 Sterling Silver Fresh Water Pear set - earrings, necklace and bracelet. £29.00. No I'm not sure I'd call the colour purple tbh its more like a very deep fuschia pink but very very pretty and the lustre almost metallic.

Then 547359 Sterling Silver Multi Colour Pearl 6 pairs earrings. £24.00. Now I have a pair of earring to match almost every set of pearls I own. Plain, simple, basic and just perfect for everyday use.

Lastly 588408 Sterling Silver Iolite and Dimaond bracelet. £15.00. And it looks like you could easily add a zero to the price, sparkly, pretty and OK dainty - perhaps moreso than would be ideal but for £15 I ain't complaining! It could even just about pass as white gold and tanzy in dim lighting!

Happy - you bet and I'm glad I've ventured back to TJC - lets hope it stays that way.
Good news Debs, they do have pretty things don't they? It's a shame that a few other issues let them down so often. Personally I think the apatite ring I got recently is one of my all time fave pieces, I'm sure I'd be throwing them a lot more cash if CS & computer systems were more reliable.
I presume that pics can follow if you can persuade blingcamman...
Some very pretty pieces there Debs at fantastic prices. The bracelet is an absolute steal. Well done.

I tried to take a look at the falling prices auction this afternoon, but it wouldn't load up properly! :31:
However it sounds like there are some great bargains to be had on there.

Thanks for doing the links Cherub. :40:
You'll be giving Pearly a run for her money Debsie!!! My Mum bought the earring set, and they're absolutely lovely, very sizeable, and ridiculous for the price!

Lovely pieces Debsie, Love the Iolite bracelet and the earring set. TJC really can throw in some pretty little bargain pieces now and then...allways worth keeping a look out :)
Hi Debs - couldn't see the bracelet for some reason but it sounded right up my street and I bet it's lovely. Bit of a bargain too!
Sorry for coming late to your thread Debsie - I don't know how I missed it but I did!

What lovely pieces and all at great prices too! I missed the purple pearls and was miffed at the time but even more miffed now I hear what you say about them! I did manage to order the bright Pink set though and I think they look a bit metallic too so look forward to them arriving. I have loads of their pearls - did you know they say they are natural and not dyed?

I'd have bought the Iolite Bracelet too if I'd seen it as I have an Iolite Silver ring and pendant from them already but I missed that too!

The earring set looks fab. I've seen it on a lot but unfortunately I can't wear earrings otherwise I'd have had them too!

Great buys and great prices - enjoy!

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