21st Century - anybody tried it?


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Love A'kin

Jun 14, 2009
I can't get my head round how the bust bit works which is what always puts me off ordering anything.

I wish they'd do one with a low front that you could wear your own bra with it.

Does anybody here wear 21st Century?
I do i brought a couple of the bra things last year and haven't worn a proper bra since thay are so comfy the only thing is you have to step into them and pull them up your body and you just move your boobs around in them a bit, it did take me while to get use to putting them on but i am glad i brought them.
Thanks ever so much for replying. It's good to know that somebody actually does wear them. I've saved that other website for future reference in case I try 21st C and like them.

I am very tempted by the comfort factor. Lately, in this hot weather I've been dying to get my bra off when I get home at night even more than I'm dying to take my shoes off!

I risked a no bra day and wore a cami with a shelf bra the other week and my boobs just worked their way down and out of the bottom of it. :eek:

That made me feel like the old women in that famous cartoon card where the headline is "show us yer boobs!" and and in the cartoon she lifts her skirt up just above her knees! :D
i wore one of those camies and i think i kept it on for about an hour i hated it i think i threw it staight in the bin.

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