2 Minutes of Torture Watching then Turned Over!


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I literally watched about 5 auctions this morning. That was enough before I had to reach for the blood pressure monitor and turn over ........

The presenter just said (after showing a pair of Emerald stud earrings) "we've handpicked these so they don't have any of the smokey grey inclusions you normally see in Emeralds". Does this mean she's colour blind as well as the buyers? Smokey grey inclusions? WHAT? Rubbish.

She then enthused and yelled (literally to make your ears bleed) about "this is a graded Sapphire this is AAA quality. It took Tony years to put this collection together" showing a cluster of black sapphires that she was trying to tell us were blue!

Why do they do this? If they want to have AAA grades then FFS make the gemstones AAA quality. Make them stand out. Don't deceive buyers. There's a market for lower quality gemstones as well as high quality - why don't they understand this and BE HONEST?
LOL You're a glutton for punishment......breathe Meesh. :D Which screeching banshee was it?? :13: :pPC:
Oh I know Sue - but it's strangely compulsive to see what carp they come out with! :giggle:

The presenter was blonde. Jerilee? No idea cos I don't know their names.

Have just found some corkers for the next guess the gemstone! :grin:
Yep, that's her Meeshoo, I'm sure she's a lovely person, but I can't watch even 30 seconds when she's on. :headbang:
Helium Infusion and/or Beryllium Diffusion......seems we're getting it all.........:mysmilie_738.gif:
Oh gawd she's on again now and we're being treated to such wee gems as:

"You can get a big old Tanzanite with just one colour"

No you can't you moron. Tanzanite is pleochroic - look it up in the dictionary.

How many times has she said something is "graded" today? By whom?

How many times has she said that it's taken Tony "years" "6 years" etc to put this collection together?

And just now we've been treated to "my friends who are engaged nearly all have diamonds and they've all spent more on a much smaller carat weight than this" showing a 6ct Tanzanite! Errrrr, yes! Diamonds, per carat, are 4-6 times more expensive than that of a Tanzanite!

What with spouting rubbish and then hi-speed waffling Stacey they're not doing well on the presenting front today are they? Surely the weekends are when most people buy and they should have their best presenters on? So that means John on all weekend I guess. At least it'd be watchable.
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:Laughing1: Lloyds the Chemist must love Rocks & Co - bet their profits have soared with all the purchases of blood presure monitors!!

I am so glad I was watching re-runs of Dragon's Den from all over the World! It meant I wasn't channel hopping so fortunately never got near channel 642!

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