13 in 1 ladder


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Aug 3, 2008
Now for the love of God, how can they say "If anyone missed this before.." about this product.....................cos ITS ALWAYS F**KING ON THE SCREEN!!!
It says the weight limit is 150kg, which is 23-and-a-half stones. Mrs James must use two ladders tied together.
I am deeply suspicious of Mrs J's legendary bulk. I am of the opinion she's nowt but a curvy girly but this persona of heft lass is to lure in the more adventurous type that she craves. I am certain this ladder would be put to mind bogglingly impure uses by Voluptua.
Well it was limited stock, very nearly sold out, in the last hour, what a surprise :rolleyes:

They have doubled the stock every time they've brought it back and surely by now, every home in the land has one, so we shouldn't be seeing that again :sleepy:.....unless they bring out a 14 in 1 :smirk:
surely by now, every home in the land has one

I gave in and bought one a while ago :tongue2: If only everyone else would do the same then maybe they would stop flogging it. Come on peeps join me in putting an end to the ladder. Buy one and tell your friends, family, neighbours and yes, even nodding acquaintances, to buy one. :call:
If we all work together we'll never have to watch Andy dangling from it ever again.
Thought that might stir your juices Momma :cheeky: Andy does seem to have total mastery of the full 13 positions:sun:

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