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Dec 17, 2008
Gems are offering 10% of any orders placed in April. Quote code "igem-a09" and 10% will be deducted from your order.


Argey xxx
Thanks Argey ... I'm a bit off Gems at the mo but you never know I could be tempted and the code will be be very useful. :D
I'd been off them myself for quite a long time Fluff, but they've drawn me in on the TPs and a couple of others just lately. Very strange but it feels like a guilty pleasure.

Argey x
thanks argey, def tempted on that tahitian pearl white gold pendant i have my eye on! why is it that a discount code makes me feel less guilty about spending money, almost like it would be rude not to use the code! would make my pendant about £80 including postage.
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Thanks Argey,I had bought a colour change garnet from their clearance brochure,2.69cts reduced to £115,saw your thread and rang them,they kindly reduced my ring by 10%.I can't see Rocks&co doing that.I remember Miss Magpie's wise words "colour changes from one muddy colour to another".I sent back a colour change sapphire but here's hoping.
Oh won't it be great if this is a sign of their customer services returning to their original quality. Even if they only meet halfway it will be a tremendous improvement.

Argey x
Thanks for the code. I've got a colour change garnet sitting in my basket at the moment, so that will come in very useful.

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