£1 Super Crash Event – This Weekend


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£1 Super Crash Event – This Weekend

<img src="/images/channels/gemstv/1%20Super%20Crash.jpg" border="1" alt="Super Crash Weekend" title="Super Crash Weekend" /><br /><br /><a href="http://www.gemstv.co.uk" target="_blank">GemsTV</a> is proud to announce our special £1 super crash event; this amazing event will be taking place this weekend all day long on; Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th September.<br /><br />This special event will be featured on both GemsTV1 and GemsTV2 giving you double the chance to find that perfect piece for just £1. So keep your eyes peeled and your phone at the ready, as you’ll never know when the Super Crash will strike!
Thanks Graham. I'm out most of this weekend, unfortunately, but who knows? I might be lucky.

Hmmmm - wonder why they chose this weekend :rolleyes:
Well done, mummy bear :). I was thinking they'd be getting rid of a load of dross but that's a very pretty ring in gold, too. I've got to go out today, otherwise I'd be glued to the box :D.
OMG...while I was posting the last post a lightening ridge black opal went for £1 :eek:
Mummy bear, was it a phone only game? (just asking because the moonlight topaz just now was only 2, so couldn't go on the web).
Mummybear - FANTASTIC!! :Applause:

Well done to you! It looks lovely. I thought it would be cheaper silver stuff they'd be putting in but obviously not!!

Dead chuffed for you :Thumbsup:
That's brilliant .... really pleased for you MB! :D

It's a little beauty too!!
Do you get advanced warning that it will drop to £1 or is it just when they say " everyone snatched for £1 "

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