Tili x Elemis Mystery Bag


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Caught the end of a beauty show yesterday, they were showing 100ml Elemis marine cream in a fancy box.
Keeley said the special box was designed by Matthew Morrison.
No, it's designed by William Morris, and I bought that exact product from Boots online when they had an offer on.

This was in Spring last year......yes last year!
Who the hell is Mathew Morrison anyway!!!!! ?
I’m with you there. I’ve tried Elemis a few times over the years. Always get bad reaction followed a few days later by spots! I’m 74 for goodness sake last time I had spots was in my teens. The only product I’ve liked is the apricot toner. PCMC is very expensive and usually only 30ml. I buy a sensitive skin moisturiser that costs around £9 for 500ml. Yes five hundred ml. In a measured pump dispenser too.

I’ve never bought Elemis - too pricey - but once got a free 30ml pot of PCMC and didn’t like it at all…

Sorry you got spots from their products - I’ve had that experience a few times with different things 👎

Please could I ask what the great value sensitive cream is that you use??
small items from facebook:
4ml ultra smart pro-collagen serum
5ml pro collagen renewal serum
50ml superfood vinegar

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