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Can't sleep with the window open because of insects, and it's too hot. What happened to the Arctic cube he said he had bought two of yesterday, and the bug zappers he was raving about?
The bugs probably zapped him instead. With an industrial-sized can of spray.
Do people just throw away fans in the autumn/winter and then buy a new one when the summer arrives?

This one sounds a marvel, it can cool air in room and bring the temperature down.

Edit - Gallery busy texting in. Started with 52, 44 left. Not flying out then......
We've had the same couple of fans for years, and still working fine. But in IW Land, you need to replace them every year, because the air changes.
She gets bigger by the day think it ate all the Indian kids meals
I switched on briefly yesterday and she was on doing fashion. The top she was wearing made her look absolutely enormous, it was like a tent. She lifted her arms up and there was so much fabric at the sides, I reckon you could have got 2 people in it. And no, I didn't buy it.
She says "wide leg trousers are the business for 2024", i was going to say why limit it to trousers, just say WIDE is in.:eek::ROFLMAO:

For some strange reason have Dave Clark Five's song in my head now, would suit Peter Simon and his endless battle with weight.

I'm feeling wide all over,
yes i'm wide all over,
baby i'm wide all over,
so wide i'm oversized.

Tell you one thing, proof the Jane "not a diet" plan is a load of bull.
I'm so glad that wide leg trousers are in this season because that means I can wear the white linen trousers I bought in M&S about 8 years ago. The ones that come out every year, but at least I'll be 'bang on trend' this year. It must be true because Sally told us.

And what is all that posing on Instagram nonsense? And why is she wearing enormous sunglasses that look like they were made for Frankenstein's monster? If all her 17 pairs of sunglasses are that big she must need several suitcases just for herself on holiday.
She's now saying her feet are wrecked because of all the years on point. Didn't realise she'd been a prima ballerina as well as singer, designer, medical consultant, fashionista. Is there no end to her talents. She classes herself as an influencer. 🤣🤣🤣
Influencer my arse...

Actually that's not fair. She influences me NOT to buy the clothes she's selling.
As a nation, we always seem to forget our own doorsteps, and focus on those thousands of miles away as the priority.

It has been mentioned on TV shows like Question Time that UK child poverty is on the increase. Is the phrase "charity begins at home" not a thing anymore?

You suspect those awful clothes wouldn’t even make her charity bags..

Some charities are quite picky and would probably just bin the tut as they'd struggle to sell it.

Foghorn on a trampoline! If she is a size 12, I must be a size 6. 😜😜

Brand ambassador for Jane Plan is your new role in life then.

I thought Foghorn Jacks would only frequent exclusive boutiques.

She's been banned from most of them, they fear the loss of sales should be seen there!

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