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It had been mentioned before about so much stock being given to a certain show

A couple of items last night, the guy said, these are limited stock for this show, but could be back later, If so why do the others make it sound like a total sell out

They need to have Martin on regularly as he made a change to the usual suspects.

Maybe viewers would actually watch and not switch off or change channel after 5 to 10 mins.

I wonder how the sales figures compared to the usual Thursday night slots?
He looks like a little Peters is in his tummy to me…

Honest Story

Must have been 11 or 12, Went into our local corner shop, with a friend, and wanted to buy a Panda Pop.

The old shopkeeper said sorry girls you can’t have them, I’ve only got 4 left till next week, and if you take 2 I’ll only have 2 left, and I only get these for kids, We were like what, we didn’t reply

But I remember when we left the shop we called him a wrinkly old so in so
Was his name Arkwright by any chance?

Is it just me getting older and grumpier or is watching normal TV channels really depressing with the the ads for wateraid, marie curie, direct cremations, savethechildren, dementia. And don't get me started with all the new bingo sites that seem to be on constantly... one straight after another seems to be the norm.
What’s that new ad, similar to the Paddy McGuinness ‘Fooking Geniuses’ misheard one. Sounds like the woman is saying “shi..from China’. instead of shipped from China? Is this making innocent statements sound filthy or offensive a trend now? To get the ad noticed? Reg does it, I’m sure, with his ‘Homosexuals’ sounding instead of HOME ESSENTIALS old Ideal World ad which I note they still flog to death -despite him not working for the new version.
Natalia was selling this toothbrush the other day, and said this is a one time price for this hour only. :ROFLMAO:

It was that price for that hour, then increased, now its been reduced once more.

Classic Currys/PCWorld type sales reductions.

Have IW not realised that a good many potential customers don't have any teeth left as they don't have access to an NHS dentist anymore?

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