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Miss Transylvania is currently draping herself over an Opatra device oohing and aahing when the lights change colour. The comparison price is £6.998 against their £949. She mentioned that if you have a bungalow it won’t take up much space. Really? Hasn’t she heard of two or three bedrooms in a bungalow? She must think that they’re teeny weeny little things lol.
Brand new launch? Worldwide exclusive? So you are forgetting about this being launched on TJC during the beauty gala they had. Chloe and Peter Howard Sherlock were joined by Marianee, who represents Opatra globally, for the launch. The price was the same when it was launched, with 6 budget payments and free delivery.
Natalia refers to buyers as her customers. If people want to buy it, they would buy it from whoever is selling it. She says she is giving back. Let me correct you. TJC is providing IW3 customers with the same deal they have already had, and you are simply promoting it and discussing it. Do the TJC management truly believe that IW3 viewers only watch IW3, and the viewers are not aware that these deals are simply deals already seen on the sister channel?

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