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When it comes to selly telly, actually any general retailer, my default is to believe nowt of what they say. Even more so when it comes to medical-esque products.

On one of the other channels a few days back they were flogging some sort of multivitamin powder. 'Expert' on screen along with the presenter. Cue the presenter saying 'some people watching will say I can get all these nutrients from eating my 5 a day.' Cue smirk from the 'expert' who then went on to say unless you eat organic the veg you're buying is far from safe, so buy his wonder powder.

Although there's some evidence that organic is better than conventionally farmed, equally there is far from a consensus that non organic must be avoided at all costs.
My personal rule of thumb is to do my research and if shopping TV has something useful at a good price I'll take a punt. I do see the benefit in a demo of an item even via Peter V though I do think it is stretching the term demo to talk about China mugs. I'm lucky in that my parents turn to me to get things online and my dad is no mug so I can get them the proper product minus the guff
I've been seeing a Currys sale advert where at the bottom it says when it was sold at a higher price between 2 dates why aren't these lying con artists made to do the same instead of saying lowest price ever for example £19.99 & it's always been £19.99

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