Jack Nicholson's baby teeth on Auction-World.tv


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Jun 28, 2024

Apologies if this is the wrong forum, but does anyone recall this story from 2001, when the short-lived channel Auction-World.tv attempted to auction off Jack Nicholson's baby teeth?

I'm an American reporter working on a story about Nicholson, and I came across this news item without much context for it. I'm now trying to figure out what exactly ended up happening with the teeth (and how Auction World got them in the first place), but there's very little information out there.

Does anyone remember anything about this or have any leads? Thanks!

There must be an old Auction TV presenter still knocking about on a UK shopping channel , they might know.

Two names- Alex Lovell and Liz Fuller
Also look on DS where there is a thread from 2004 about ex Auction World presenters on different shopping channels.
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