Earlex Paint Sprayer


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I wondered that as well it looks as though you would have to DO A LOT of masking up ,and be very careful where you sprayed it
I think the quote I heard on air was "With a sprayer 95% of the paint goes on the wall"

5% of the paint is going to make one hell of a mess somewhere else! Definitely look alike a lot of masking and surface covering is required

I have only ever sprayed a fence panel. It is not as easy as it looks. You have to spray evenly and at the same distance. Quite a hard technique

My uninformed advice. If you are serious about paint spraying. Then get a professional in!

If you saw them spraying the fence panels outside this morning quite a bit went on the tarmac and you would struggle to get it off !

Personally wouldn't use it indoors unless absolutely everything is masked up and that would take ages
Thanks for replies. Just checked out Amazon and reviews on there aren't very inspirational. Shame, a painting short-cut would be great.
I am waiting for the next karcher pressure washer hour, as everrytime earlex are on they always spray Derek Belchers bench, and he says everytime, ooh i got to pressure washer that muck that earlex put on my bench, he says that every time, nearly as many times, as David Aides, seems shocked what Carpet Master deal is on offer for
The O/H bought a Black and Decker one - used it once and <STRIKE>flung</STRIKE> stores it in the garage!

The finish was quite interesting, a hybrid of pebble dash and birdseed...... I suppose it would've been classed as entrend and tres chic in IW land :cheeky:
You do have to practice with it to get it right - just like any airbrushing/spray painting - there is a knack to it

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