Dennice's Eyes


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To me, she actually looks like she has NO eyes from a distance away, and when you do look up close, she has little tiny slits for eyes which always make my eyes want to weep for some reason.
I suppose that concentrating on her eyes is a way of taking your mind of the mindless drivel that comes out of her mouth.
its because she's had her eyebrows lifted with too much botox, around her eye socket has been pulled tight with botox and she just looks like she has no eyes at all when you see her close up
I think it's also the way she does her eyeshadow. She puts a lot of dark in the eye socket as if she's trying to emphasise it, with lots of light shadow on the lid. Thing is, when she looks down (as she seems to do all the time) it makes it look like she has scary white eyes with no coloured bit at all - like a horror movie zombie (sorry Deniece!)
Awh I do like Denieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeece she makes me laugh she no spring chicken now and I think she looks not half bad bless

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