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Debbie Moore is well known for not being great at customer care, this has been mentioned on craft telly, and it has been said some of the images on her discs are poor resolution. I would never shop with her again, the service was dreadful. She may well defend herself by saying English is not her first language but 3 "p"s in happy is going it.

But that is no excuse either. she learned to speak English when she was 11 years old & has a perfect understanding of the spoken word. She employs proof readers I presume. Her turnover of staff appears to be quite frequent.So proof reading is inconsistant. A friend of mine has a particular cd the same title as mine & found an error in the same place but it was a different mistake.
I am not a fool as you seem to be implying, I have not purchased any further products of any kind from her.

I wasn't implying you were a fool, lizziedolly! I apologise if I offended you, it wasn't my intention. I was simply referring to a saying I thought was relevant to your posting.

Any mistakes brought to fellow crafters attention is always welcome. Personally I've never had any problems with Debbi Moore cds - maybe she palms her dodgy ones off as 'freebies' who knows! either way, it's not nice especially as she likes to bang on about her Christian ethics.
Thank you for posting lizziedolly, I don't do much crafting these days so I don't read the crafting pages often so I'm glad I spotted this because it would really annoy me to find I'd bought something with such crass mistakes. I bought a set from C&C years ago for my kids to make cards with, but the Father's day writing said "Your the best Granddad" or something along those lines. The father-out-law probably wouldn't notice and my Dad isn't here to send a card to but I wouldn't use something that might confuse my children as they were learning grammar and I was astounded no one had spotted the mistake printed there for everyone to read. We used the rest of the set.

"Its" and "It's" confuse people because they also perceive that an apostrophe S denotes ownership, but once you've learnt the difference you don't forget; knowing mistypes also happen you'd think she's employ a proof reader with an O Level in English Language.

I hope you get some satisfaction LD.

Jude xx

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