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    disappearing presenters???

    I'm sure he really meant : "my last stint at being crap at flogging on shopping channels" Says it all really - true colours, and an attempt to sabotage the new beginnning. news for you, no-one knew who you were before Gems TV, and they've taken no time at all to forget you either. Good Luck...
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    Bid tv trading on marie curie cancer charity

    Disgusting!!! Absolutely Disgusting. Did anyone else see last night Peter Simon, with the Marie Curie Cancer Logo on a big screen behind him do the whole 'now, marie curie and it's work' spiel, then sell some really crap mugs with daffodils on them for £4.99 the message on the screen at the...
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    GemsTV - Coated Diamonds

    may I say that this website is doing a huge service to those people who have bought pink diamonds from Gems TV over the years there is undoubtedly an issue here with mis-selling of goods, and there would be (i have a sister in the jewellery trade) a considerable price difference in terms of...
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    New presenter last night?

    I keep waiting for Emu to appear - or a tickling stick talk about selling your scrawny washed up soul - we remember him when he was on Anglia, and look how low he sinks now
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    Get Well Soon Lynn!

    oh bless her get well soon my love from me and hubby xxx
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    Joan Rivers TSV

    don't you just love the way that she sells her things on qvc and then takes the micky out of it all when she does a show i have to say i always roar when she's on and isn't it lovely to have debbie back at qvc, she knows how to be with joan too hee hee
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    TJC – Launches Hong Kong Designer Collection

    would ER.... be good ER.... to ER....see ER.... but it ER.... is being ER.... presented by ER.... the queen ER.... of ER....sparkle ER....ER.... stately regal ER.... queen ER.... luxurious ER.... of ER.... sparkle can this woman not just say one sentence without an ER.... ER.... ER.... ER...
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    Its the Final....markdown???

    oh it is funny isn't it a few flashing things on screens and they think we're interested. from what is said on here, this channel never looks the same and is always so expensive the presenters look like they don't give a s*** thesedays anyway more importantly THESE PRICES ARE CARP do they...
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    poor excuse after poor excuse

    it's clear to see that there is a lot of love on the forum for Steve. don't get me wrong, I wish him luck - but it feels to me that he is walking nose first into the same situation as he had with his wine channel because he doesn't know when to step back it what Lee Jones says, he is correct...
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    poor excuse after poor excuse

    hey everyone, i know i might seem a bit down on this channel, but from what i have gathered the following is true steve bennett was the man that sold in the .com bubble, started gems tv however many years ago, has been on the internet with for 18 months before coming to...
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    how is this different

    well ladies, here is a post you may not have been expexting. I am now one of the many that hae bought one of the wooden bangles - couldn't resist :>> can't wait for it to arrive no moans here on that score
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    new presenter Lottie

    i have seen lottie a few times and i think she seems comfortable i also like the woman they have in the kitchen - that chef seems to get bigger every time he is on and his style of cooking doesn't make me feel hungry
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    how is this different

    hi all, me and OH sat flicking around the channels this morning i thought i heard the man with the beard that runs this channel saying that prices will genuinely drop until everyone is in well, i've just seen the young man auction a pink topaz bracelet and talk about more and more people on...
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    Vinapris ii

    discuss :mysmilie_687:
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    Best and Worst!

    best: liv edmunds - calm, reassuring - let's us just see the bling worst by far: james russell who appears to be inside an orifice of his own angeline and lyn now seem to me to be spitting image like parodies, screaming and looking ridiculous lucy, well - one day she'll grow up nick davies -...
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    New face this morning

    gemtastic i think you mean that normally you see vicki brown. they call her the queen of sparkle all i hear is the word errr, errr, errr, errr, errr it's like listening to a robot ha ha
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    Drew off-screen / Nick on

    did i hear right this morning that Nick was on air talking to Drew who was in his ear can this be right, i thought that Drew had left. could there be two if so, blimey no offence but drew has a personality ten times the size of nick who seems to be falsely enthusiastic (just like his banshee...
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    POTD - Moira C

    now then, I've only seen these for the first time yesterday - and did order for my daughter is there something wrong with them, or are you just comenting on the lady who sells them who does appear to be a little excitable
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    SAM - my ears are bleeding

    oh my jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezzz has this woman been to the adina and angeline school of SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEMING and wetting yourself simultaneously 5 minutes of this noise was more than enough I wouldn't bother shouting Sam, you ain't selling any of this overpriced...
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    don't bother watching - CARP

    oh it is choice customers tonight New Customer - HENLEY ON THEM and Erica in BRIDGWATER I might watch a bit more of this for a laugh