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    Agatha Christie - Over and out!

    I remember having a chat on a dating site with a so-called NATO soldier, the minute he suspected I was a wee bit cynical, I was ghosted!
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    How To Improve Skin And Hair Health... Please Suggest!

    I suffer from psoriasis and sebhorreic dermatitis, I've found a product called Moo Goo which just soothes the roughness and the soreness completely within one or two applications.
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    Simon Brown Has Left

    I saw that in the wee small hours of this morning when I was struggling to sleep and gave up!
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    My poor friend!

    I am so sorry for her, but she must get proper legal advice, don't rely on him telling her she has no rights. Now is not the time to be amenable!
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    My poor friend!

    She should get advice, the fact that they are married gives her rights in the matrimonial home I am sure.
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    I started avoiding Lucozade when I saw that alongside some sugar they had started to add sweeteners and sodium benzoate. Sweeteners can give me headaches and reflux and sodium benzoate brings me out in a rash. So I haven't tried it since!
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    Donkey milk

    I recently discuover a rage called Moogoo, I suspect a hint that it comes from cow's milk? I will look out for donkey milk products, I have psoriasis and when I've lapsed in scalp and facial care, the skin around my nose across my forehead and chin becomes inflamed and itchy. I've been so...
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    CBD (Hemp) Oil

    The reason I felt it would help rather than harm was an amazing Ted Talk held by the Cannabis Brothers (in the USA, of course) and the video of a child in Status Epilecticus (sp), and that at the end of the talk the family came on the stage and the little girl could recite "Twinkle, twinkle..."
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    CBD (Hemp) Oil

    On the week CBD oil became legal to use as a food supplement, I thought I will give it a whirl, a cafe in Oxford was doing CBD coffees, so I went along and bought a coffee and a regular brownie (I must admit I blinked at the price - £11 for the two items!!!!!) However, my afternoon was unusual...
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    Tweak'd TSV 26/11/23

    I bought some of the cleansing mud from ebay and my hair and scalp loved it, I am definitely too mean to buy it at full price, but I will look for stuff on ebay as it does pop up on there, when people decide it isn't for them!
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    Perfume dupes

    On Fragrantica they say that Avon's Passion Dance is a close approximation of Soie Rouge, does anyone else know it?
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    Customer service lost in translation

    The interesting thing is that I was brought up in a non EFL household, my Mum and Grandmother spoke mainly Greek and heavily accented "GrEnglish/Grelsh", my Dad was a Welsh-speaker and his Welsh accent only really became apparent when he was on the phone as he was from the North and, as they...
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    Customer service lost in translation

    I feel your pain!
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    Perfume dupes

    WOW, I wonder if they do any others, I used to LOVE Gucci Envy, the closest dupe I could get to that was Soie Rouge which was an Avon version, I loved that equally!
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    Christmas shopping in the 1980's v today

    When I lived at my parents' home, we travelled to Southampton for Christmas shopping, my home town didn't have much of any speciality shops, those we had were very utilitarian being in the middle of farming country (North Dorset), shoes, food, school uniform and one boutique were our main shops...
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    Culinary disasters hopefully a funny story!

    Much to my chagrin, I did catering at college. My excuse for the dropped pasta and the floating cauli cheese is only that I am dyspraxic so I was really uncoordinated. However, I can produce my special recipes if cooking for more than myself, I just can't be bothered for myself!
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    Culinary disasters hopefully a funny story!

    I had a tricycle just like that, hours and hours of fun!
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    Holiday redemption time!

    So pleased it was good, my motherland, yes, my late mother was from Naxos originally, came up trumps for you!
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    Sally Jacks on QVC………

    I am sorry, I keep trying to understand what it is about her that sets my teeth on edge and then I realised is it my soft southern, internalised mysogyny. She is everything I was brought up not to be, loud etc. All the descriptive words I had in my head were words you wouldn't use about a man...
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    My colleague - An update

    I was in our work version of Facebook, called workplace, and someone sort of dismissed something I said, I am dyspraxic, so I find it difficult to manage certain things, in a very ableist way, like "I have no problem with it and a can't understand why you and a few others do, but if making that...