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    Debbie Flint today

    Just watched the presentation of Altham’s butchers meats and the BA must have said the word Literally about twenty times during the segment sometimes completely out of context. It drives me mad.
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    Jess Foley

    Just watched Jess selling an Aquamarine pair of earrings set with two round, drilled beads on lever backs. She kept describing them as being cabochon cut but that wasn’t the case as they were just beads. She doesn’t seem to think about what she says most of the time.
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    What do you buy?

    What is a mechanical, quartz movement as opposed to non mechanical?
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    What do you buy?

    I did read here yesterday about Natalia’s shininess but it wasn’t until now that I have really seen just HOW shiny she is. Every part of her face is shining and very plump looking this morning especially the lips. So, so obviously had work done, Botox ,fillers, eye lift etc.Not someone I would...
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    Hair covering clothes

    That thing where they tuck in the front of the garment drives me nuts.
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    Random musings and general banter.

    He’s presenting the Rug Doctor which will come in very handy for his new rug.He looks shook. Of course the hair could be as a result of using all those beauty gadgets but probably not.
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    Jade Troth is back

    No, she really WAS flogging a base metal crab which was called an objet in the description.
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    Dr. Nassif's detox pads anyone?

    Well I must admit that I was influenced by you all praising these pads and bought a two pack earlier on today .I had been interested though so I hope they make a difference and brighten up my skin a bit.
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    Random musings and general banter.

    He’s on about the sound quality of the speaker but won’t play any sound. Utterly bizarre. I mean Pedro.
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    Random musings and general banter.

    I’m from Cork originally and she sounds nothing like from there. She’s from somewhere else but I can’t work out where from. I call the accents her British TV one and her ‘forgets and slips into normal’ one.
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    Jade Troth is back

    Hattie has been screeching and shouting about an awful base metal crab “objet”.She’s encouraging people to add a safety pin to add it onto your pearls! Great way to break the strand I would think with the extra weight pulling on it.
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    Jade Troth is back

    Troff is already starting with his clocks lol.Probably yet another few before anyone sees the price. He’s so incredibly monotonous.All to sell single sodding bluish pearls.I have seen similar before because pearls come in a myriad of colours.They aren’t unique.
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    Jade Troth is back

    Troff going on and on about the purple colour of the pearls and they are actually dyed lol.The rest weren’t dyed but the first one was.
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    Lyndsay ...

    Troff is flogging Pink Diaspore and Lyndsey just can’t seem to pronounce it correctly. She’s called it diAspore and diazapore which she’s said multiple times now. The utter stupidity of this woman is breathtaking tbf.She’s still saying it minutes later and nobody has corrected her.
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    Random musings and general banter.

    I paid £13.99 in 2015 for a 12” desk fan from Argos and it’s still working perfectly well after all this time.The one habit I do have is in removing the protective cage from the front which makes the airflow stronger.I don’t have pets so it’s not a risk to anyone.I did buy a pedestal type but I...
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    Jade Troth is back

    Jess has said Literally about every minute and the constant open mouthed slack jawed looks is nuts to watch.Shock! Horror! Apparently they have received a stern phone call from management about how low the prices are going. As if! Telling people to buy two.
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    Jade Troth is back

    The Troff Lecture is in progress as I type and he’s telling a long winded story about how he managed to get some pearls. Instead of a straightforward deal with the seller he turns it into a drawn out long blooming saga. He bought pearls but it took twenty minutes of absolute guff to tell...
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    Nothing Changes

    I can’t believe that Toby is using his chemo treatment and feeling nauseous afterwards to shill his products.He’s categorically stating that the product helped him with everything. They shouldn’t be allowed to use personal anecdotes to push products. Also scaremongering about how some other...
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    Primal Products

    Yes,it IS Turmeric.
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    Random musings and general banter.

    This cooling mat will “ take away your body temperature”. And , anyone else suffering with “static air”? What even does that mean?I give up with Pedro.