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  1. donna255


    The two stringy bits have been around with that style for ages now. I see them all the time on TV and on the street.
  2. donna255


    I had a quick look, seems the same to me. Pushing Christmas in July
  3. donna255

    My returns

    This is the razzle-dazzle effect you watch the demo looks fantastic and think, Oh!!! I want that and will use it. It is like when my mum and I used to go to the Ideal Home Exhibition, all these stands doing demos of all sorts of things. Salad spinners, choppers etc, and it was I need to...
  4. donna255

    Isaac Mizrahi Live

    I remember he did a live from the red carpet shows for awards Oscars etc. Knew he did some high-end stuff, so when he came to QVC UK thought that is what we would get. No, usual QVC fare.
  5. donna255

    Kipling In TK Maxx

    Sometimes they have Kipling bags, none of which interested me. Too small or weird patterns, I don't do patterns. :p Yesterday Elena which is BIG not too many pockets can be used cross-body for £39 rrp £88. Spotted the sky blue first, then the black, so bought the latter.
  6. donna255

    Cello Ultrasonic Diffuser TSV 20/07/24

    I will put this warning up again. These essential oil diffusers can affect pets dogs, cats can get growth up their noses and breathing problems. Birds will not fare well either. And of course people with breathing problems' sinus.
  7. donna255

    Elemis TSV 28/7/24

    They will have 300,000 to sell, so no wonder they will have it on early release for a week. And then still on offer price come Xmas.
  8. donna255

    Catheirne Huntley Weight Loss

    Poor you Brissles, glad you are better. Well, it seems you crap it out, the fat that is. Screaming sh*ts are a side effect and bad breath. I lost 5 st through walking, Zumba and stop eating crap. It took about a year at only a few pounds a month. The slower it comes off, the slower it will go...
  9. donna255

    Jenny Blackhurst 😯

    Yes, they do. The sales technique really worked for them
  10. donna255

    Jenny Blackhurst 😯

    The famous white coat syndrome. Judith Williams has videos of her wearing one. Someone wears a white coat, they know what they are talking about and experts. It goes back to the early 70s, when Estée Lauder launched Clinique. Get the counter staff to wear white coats, and customers will...
  11. donna255

    Elemis TSV 28/7/24

    I would not use any of those products. Never ever had the urge to smell of fig. Cannot use rose products on my face. Enzyme, a big no as well. Dislike oil cleansers. I do use facial oil but don't like the cleansing versions.
  12. donna255

    Neom - Aromatherapy or Quack therapy?

    Sleep Pillow Sprays, hate them all! One, I am one of those people who lavender does not relax. Yes, I want to get up, dance around the room. Two, I just do not like anything perfume like on my pillow when I am going to sleep. I had a really weird dream last week and swore I could smell...
  13. donna255

    Margaret Dabbs TSV 18/7/24

    I go to the podiatrist because of diabetes. They keep telling me, whatever I am doing with my feet, keep doing it. I only have to go every 2 years now.
  14. donna255

    Elemis TSV 28/7/24

    Oh, I finally managed to get an SA at my Boots Elemis counter last week. I did email and confirmed the Ginseng Toner was discontinued but want to know why? The SA just said Elemis are bringing new products out by the end of the year. So I take it a new toner as that was what I asked about.
  15. donna255

    Neom - Aromatherapy or Quack therapy?

    I don't rate Neom products. Bought before they ever hit QVC, candles okay, but not amazing. Bath products did not impress me much, bought a bath oil which used a pipette thing. Never got it to fill up so you had to keep trying to get enough in the bath recommended. Oh, and it left the bath...
  16. donna255

    Neck beauty products

    I have a really good neck, well according to my friends. I keep saying when I die, people will say she had a really good neck. The rest of me will be falling apart.:p The thing with neck cream like all beauty is you need to start using before you get the wrinkles etc. Once you get the...
  17. donna255

    Estee Lauder TSV 13/7/24

    No. All beauty brands, especially coming to sell on QVC will not be able to manufacture the amount of stock to sell hundreds of thousands of the TSV so of course they will get stock sitting on shelves in warehouses forever how long. People say oh I would never buy beauty from TK Maxx is it all...
  18. donna255

    Estee Lauder TSV 13/7/24

    I caught a bit of the launch last night. AY said about the Bronze Goddess 100mls, you can only get this from QVC. Now this is the 2019 version in the TSV and I decided to have a look around online, and it is still for sale elsewhere.
  19. donna255

    Estee Lauder TSV 13/7/24

    Oh, yes, I remember that. So old it made Elemis products look ultra newly made. :p
  20. donna255

    Pai Skincare tonight. Ruined by AY

    Oh, back to Pai can I say I see loads of it in TK Maxx.