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    Pai Skincare tonight. Ruined by AY

    I wonder what AY will advise someone who has gone down the gender allocation route and then is suffering from prostate problems at a later date? I don’t think they whip out the prostate with gender surgery (obviously male to female) but I could be wrong ..
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    Neck beauty products

    Tried the Gatineau one a couple of years ago - didn’t notice any difference, just usually put whatever moisturiser I am using on my neck …
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    Pai Skincare tonight. Ruined by AY

    A friend whose young dog needed a bit of pain relief was advised by the Vet to buy baby’s paracetamol (liquid) from the chemist and, again, told not to mention it was for her dog … Small doses worked fine.
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    Tweak'd TSV 24/7/24

    Wonder, if and when, Dennis can be bothered to come over to the UK?
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    Random musings and general banter.

    If a sales assistant in a shop started ranting ‘buy now’, ‘it’s flying out’ etc, etc,and all of the spiel the presenters spout forth - I would certainly leave the shop and think I had a lucky escape. Putting unnecessary pressure on people to buy is a form of bullying - fortunately we have...
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    Michael Perrys Garden TSV 03/08/24

    More lights? Garden Furniture? Awful water features? Cannot wait …
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    Summer Sleepwear TSV 05/07/24

    A potential fire hazard!
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    Random musings and general banter.

    Natalia looks very scary in HD …
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    Random musings and general banter.

    No expense spared then?
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    The American site

    The forums are an interesting read … The customers over the pond certainly have a better choice of products at keen prices
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    Garden Pick of the Month

    Plastic pots again - not very environmentally friendly …
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    Vogue Williams

    I would like to know who are the poor souls she ‘influences’ …
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    Jack Nicholson's baby teeth on

    Gross, if true …
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    What do you buy?

    I have to say that my forum name is a choice I made years ago and, as far as I am aware, I have never had a desire to be known as anyone else. I have no connection with saintslad and MurielB!
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    Apricot Clothing TSV 25/06/24

    Further to my earlier post I was not amazed, I was stunned (not in a good way).
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    Who buys this stuff??????

    Wonder if Abbi Cleaves is thinking of buying up Ruthie’s ranges? She could become one of the first to bring to the Q SPF incorporated dresses, jackets and all manner of things!
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    Apricot Clothing TSV 25/06/24

    I dread to think what the TSV will look like - the description alone puts me off. Of course, I stand to be amazed …
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    Kim & Co TSV 14/06/24

    Little Bo Peep has lost her marbles - right on trend …
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    Elizabeth Grant TSV 13/6/24

    When IW sold Elizabeth Grant it was much better value … I bought a Torricelumn Serum supersize and it contained 340 ml …
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    Carole Hochman TSV 07/06/24

    No words …