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    Margaret Dabbs TSV 18/7/24

    This looks a good set. I’m going for it for sure
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    Swimsuits - Denim & Co

    I have had a swimsuit from them and I love it. Being large bust idly was super flattering xx
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    Tili x Elemis Mystery Bag

    Really happy with this great sizes All mine are good production dates with at least two years unopened and I’m sure I will be using within next 12 months. Reasonably good price too
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    Tili x Elemis Mystery Bag

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    Tili x Elemis Mystery Bag

    Yeah I suspect it could be older stock but I’ll use up first if that’s the case
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    Tili x Elemis Mystery Bag

    I’ve had an email saying that it’s been shipped? So exciting to see what’s in it
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    L'Occitane TSV 28/06/24

    Great kit for me. I use the shower oil to shave my legs The body cream is just delightful too
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    Doll10 TSV 11/6/24

    I really loved the bare minerals TSVS with sj. They were top quality and great value
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    Elemis big deal

    Just seen this on QVC but I don’t honk it’s live till next week. Looks a decent deal
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    Tili x Elemis Mystery Bag

    I really like to dynamic resurfacing essence so for that I might as well go for it. I normally pay £64 for this on its own. I guess there might be some cheaper bits like shower gel/body lotion but even if it is, it’s still cheaper that a TSV xxx
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    Beauty Pick of the Month with Free P&P

    Does this mean that Elemis will be the weekly big deal 17th ish ?
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    Tarte TSV 16/5/24

    Thanks for that I’ll persist x
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    Tarte TSV 16/5/24

    I got this kit but for the life of me I can’t get the clicker application bit to work. Think it may need to go back
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    Mally TSV 30/5/24

    This looks a decent kit. I do like mally and their original stick foundation in medium was the best colour match I’ve ever had. Not sure if they still do that one. As I don’t seem to be able to get it anywhere
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    Philip Kingsley TSV 26/05/24

    Beautiful story
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    Liz Earle TSV 19/05/24

    I’m gonna try for the balm if nothing else xx
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    Gatineau TSV 16/3/24

    I am very impressed with the eye cream. It’s my favourite and I’ve tried many
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    Elemis superfood facial oil

    I’ll have a look at the Emma hardie one. Is it really good
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    Elemis superfood facial oil

    I know. It does seem to have really jumped up in price. I didn’t like the superfood cleanser at first but I preserved and I now really like it It does give a bit of a glow. I was Liz Earle for years but just started back with Elemis and my skin is loving it xx
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    Elemis superfood facial oil

    Just wondering how long ago this video was. The full price was £36, last week it was £50 and today it’s gone up to £54. Why such a price increase. Over £18 increase for a 15ml bottle. I love this product and use it all the time. I do buy in kits as as a single item it’s too expensive for me xx