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    Ruth Langsford Fashion TSV 19/04/24

    I think this may be it on the (possibly) matching trousers page:
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    Whatever happened to...?

    “Gems of The Orient” with Rosalyn Kwan … I loved this !!
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    Catheirne Huntley Weight Loss

    Steven Corfield 😀
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    Nikki & Me QVC Premiere

    Nikki & Me by Nikki Gewirtz (ex Lola Rose) is on QVC - Monday 6th Feb, 7-9pm.
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    Qvc Beauty Awards

    The Superdrug ones are fantastic (imho) I have very sensitive skin and have had absolutely no reaction to them. I used the original LE C+P for years but found these about 8 years ago and actually prefer them - they’re gorgeously creamy and do a great job. The first one is on ’buy on get one...
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    Lola Rose

    It looks as though they could possibly be leaving QVC. There are only 90 items showing, and 67 of them are on clearance.
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    Are Tarte stopping selling on QVC ?

    There seem to be a LOT of missing things on the web site today - whole chunks of brands or their items. I presume it’s a(nother) glitch 🥺
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    Any of you searching geniuses….

    Yes, in ‘dark graphite’ 😀
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    New Line for MW

    She posted on Facebook last week that it was WynneLounge. (This wasn’t a dedicated post but in reply to a comment on another thread.) HSN previously had this line, which comprised modal PJs and velour robes etc.
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    Marlawynne TSV 25/06/21

    Marlawynne TSV is now showing as Friday 25th June. The 10th of June is DannI Minogue (according to the TV guide)
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    31/05/21 - 06/06/21 Big Deal Prices

    She said she was 😀
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    Perlier guest

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    Masai Copenhagen Fashion - coming to QVC in April

    Masai Copenhagen, a new (to QVC) fashion brand coming on the 9th April. Definitely in the higher price bracket, but they seem to have some more natural fabrics and less polyester.
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    WynneLayers Fashion Sale TSV 23/03/21

    This is today’s TSV on HSN too.
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    Dannii Minogue Petite Fashion TSV 8/3/21

    The Target items go up to a US size 16 - which is a UK 20. However, they are only available in a Petite length and fitting.
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    Data Logixx TSV 15/11/20

    Can this be used to transfer photos from pc TO iPhone/iPad? I’ve only heard about the reverse - ie: moving files FROM phones. Thanks 😀
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    WynneLayers TSV 01/09/20

    MarlaWynne luxe jersey longline tunic with pockets - pic on Debbie F’s QVC blog :)
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    HSL Ident Dickinson's Real Deal According to his agency, it is him :)
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    MarlaWynne Fashion TSV 21/08/17

    I'm not sure what the exact item will be, but I read on MW's Facebook page that she was introducing her 'Wynne Layers' collection and that the TSV would be from that. I LOVE Marlawynne and the S/S 'layers' collection was lovely, but checked out the A/W items launched on HSN yesterday and was...
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    julia Roberts

    The dress is by Onjenu and was from QVC. It's not showing up anymore so I think it must have sold out.